Download your Free ScreenSaver, THE UNSEEN, The Booth Brothers.

Download your Free ScreenSaver, THE UNSEEN, The Booth Brothers.


Booth Brothers LIVE from Australia

Booth Brothers LIVE from Australia; Listen to it here, great interview...http://www.theparanormalguide.net/apps/podcast/podcast/253258


Christopher Saint Booth Interview

Saturday night I slipped away from Gen Con to run up to Chicago and catch a few hours at The All Niter.  I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Producer, Director, Documentarian, Writer, Composer, Costume Designer…  let’s just leave it at “Man of Many Talents” Christopher Saint Booth.  If I had known in advance that I was going to be interviewing him, I would have been intimidated after looking at his credits.  Suffice it to say he is prolific in his media credits. In recent years he has turned his eye towards the Horror and Paranormal genres.  During out interview he tells of how he was doing a horror movie for Sony and found that the location they were filming was haunted.  So they did a documentary while filming the movie and sold that to the Syfy Network. In our interview he also goes on to tell of his first psychic experience as a child.  This involved him and his twin brother having a simultaneous, psychic experience that was soon confirmed by their mother as more than just a shared nightmare. After the interview he autographed and gave me a copy of his new DVD – The Unseen - Best of the Booth Brothers.  It begins with the line, “The scariest ghost stories are the ones that are real.”  The video includes footage, narrative, and deleted scenes compiled from their previous work. While I found some of the other footage to be rather creepy, I found the Children of the Grave to be quite compelling.  It is a bit of a shocker to know that the State of Illinois has graves of hundreds of children that died in their care and were buried only by number as orphans over a century ago. It was a fascinating interview and the video is a must for Paranormal, Horror and Booth Brother’s fans but if you are prone to nightmare’s this one is definitely not for you.  So a fascinating flich but definitely not for mom! http://weirdreview.com/2012/08/23/csb/




The Unheard Interviews from The Unseen: Booth Brothers Live

The Unheard Interviews from The Unseen: Booth Brothers Live*TONIGHT is the Night* 9pm EASTERN ~ The Booth Brothers - LIVE. Movie give a ways, and an up close and personal interview with Philip Adrian Booth and Christopher Saint Booth ONLY www.pararocktv.com


THE UNSEEN DVD REVIEW:ParaUnderworld Magazine

THE UNSEEN DVD REVIEW...I don’t know how they do it. But the Booth Brothers have managed to take behind the scene footage of some of the most gripping stories from their past movies and come up with a feature all in of itself. There is something to be said for people in the paranormal film making industry that continuously and without fail bring you real, true and honest stories from haunted locals across the nation. The Unseen does not disappoint in the least. Sit down for a while with Christopher and Philip as they give you a little insight into what makes The Booth Brothers tic. I promise in the end you will laugh, you will cry, and if you pay very close attention you will learn a great deal. The Unseen is a very powerful and moving work of art with a very special lesson to be learned and is described in detail by Philip Booth himself. My hat is off to the Booths Brothers yet again. Thank you again for attempting to open the eyes of so many who have been blinded. Get your copy today you will not regret it! Order online at www.spookedtv.com John Tincher ParaUnderworld Magazine


THE UNSEEN Pre-Order DVD today and get free autographed poster only at www.spookedtv.com

THE UNSEEN Pre-Order DVD today and get free autographed poster only at www.spookedtv.com A provocative, paranormal retrospective of the Booth Brother’s bestselling films and documentaries. Step into the UNSEEN segments that the networks wouldn’t air, share the tears, the fears, the laughs and jumps in this shocking UNCUT collection hosted by the Booth Brothers. A "FANtastic "Collectors Edition." Free autographed poster online at www.spookedtv.com.