SAINT: started his career at an early age. Born in Yorkshire, England, this young lad began singing and writing at the age of ten. Atlantic crossing brought him to Vancouver, Canada were at the age of eighteen he started performing across the country with rock artists Sweeney Todd. Via sixty-two sold out shows with audience capacity reaching 20,000, major tours worldwide commenced. Their new gold album paved the way to his new home, Los Angeles, California USA.

Hungry for more, Saint's original recordings, granted him with industry contacts. He began writing songs for Motown Records, RCA, Capitol Records as well as numerous recording artists, publishers, film and music producers. Saint boasts an impressive musical publishing catalogue including, pop, rock, R&B, dance, world and original music for radio, film, cable and television published worldwide with the majors as well as his own indie TEE FOR TWO MUSIC PUBLISHING.

Success began further career development into the craft of producing, re-mixing and programming for video and audio productions including Internet/satellite radio. Digital Audio, 24p-HD Video based studios and Indie labels, were built to quench this creative thirst. This multi- talented writer-producer, Christopher Saint is also an accomplished DJ and musician playing many instruments including a grand improv piano style that floats beautifully throughout many of his scores.

Financing a full service digital domainwithin a spiritual creative environment is where he would compose, design, produce and re-mix, the world's most cutting edge talent. Artists included, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, and Joan Jett. Surrounded by a growing aura of respected musicians, endorsed by an array of the latest analog and digital audio/video equipment manufacturers, no new idea or technology would be left untouched.

Saint scores warm feelings, mixed with RAW animal instinct, captured in a fully equipped Digital Pro Tool's production suite, mixed and mastered in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Producing 100% with passion, hand in hand with the artist while staying on budget. Structuring strategic marketing for the Indies while understanding all the contractual needs of the majors, delivering from the beginning to the completion. True and innovative, his inspiration and production helps paint the big picture, for superstars of the future as well as the past.

Saint has recently asserted his talents into Hollywood's film empire and is now producing and directing feature films and documentaries for SONY PICTURES, Paramount Pictures, Sci-fi Channel (NBC-Universal), Fremantle Media (American Idol) with direct licensing for the foreign market. Saint co-production companies include: Tee For Two Music Publishing (BMI) Twintalk Entertainment Group, The Booth Brothers Company and Saint and Sinners Entertainment.

Recent films include:DEATH TUNNEL (Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures), SPOOKED (Sci-Fi Channel) and SHADOWBOX.

To Name A Few:

REMIXES & CLIENTS; Sweeney Todd, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Smoky Robinson, Rob Zombie, Bob Rock, Bob Clearmountain, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Buddy Miles and Gary Chang.

PRODUCERS: George Tobin, Paul Atkinson (MCA), Tom Whalley-Capitol Records, Mike Piccirillo, Gary Goetzman, Michael Mendelsohn.

COMPANIES; London Records, Sony Pictures, Columbia Tri-Star, Lions Gate Ent., Playboy International, PEG, Twintalk Entertainment, The Booth Brothers Company, Plus Entertainment, Imagine Entertainment, Screen Actors Guild, Movie-Bank, Microsoft, Sci-fi Channel (NBC-Universal), Dolby Labs, Prime Post, The Post Group, MPAA.

ENDORSEMENTS: Bose, Roland, Digidesign, Sound Ideas, Red Bull, Sprint.

SAINT also has extensive experience in production design, styling and art directing over fifty foreign features for PEG, 23 episodes produced in High Definition, assisting in satellite high end programming. He is also highly active in graphic design, digital photography, film production design as well as product marketing, development and strategy for funding and sales or indie media..

Market Shows attended yearly: CES, AFM, NAMM, AES, NAB, HD Expo, E3, Mac World, VSDA, SAG, MPAA and more.

Awards and Nominations include: MPSE Best Sound Editing Eligible-2006, 11 Awards for Best Art Direction, 3 Awards Best Original Score. 4 Official Selections Film Festivals.

INSPIRATIONS: You, Buddha, T-Rex, Bowie, Manson, Peter Gabriel, Tony Scott, the Scott Bros, Robert Rodriguez, Bono, Jessica, Angels and Devils, Ghosts, Salvador Dali, People that Believe in You and themselves, Anarchy, Being Different, Fast Cars, No War, Lots of Lights On New Toys, HD, No TV, a Good Cigar, Dogs and Smiles.



MY TUNES & REMIXES: 'Yo, I am in the process, as we speak, uploading some of my favorite tunes, scores and cool remix's for you to check out. It should be done by Next week. Got a lot to go through as I just finished the score for Sony Picture's DEATH TUNNEL , and I am in the middle of mixing, SPOOKED, The Ghosts Of Waverly Hills Santorium in Dolby Digital, 5.1 Surround for cable".

"So be cool, thanx for being patient"......Saint